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If you’re looking for accurate, safe and comfortable laser refractive surgery, Z-LASIK is the procedure of choice for you. Z-LASIK corrects your vision using laser surgery from beginning to end. No scalpel will touch your eyes. The risk of complication is reduced even further as compared to previous techniques. And the quality of post-operative vision is better than with any other method.

Z-LASIK BenefitsPatient Undergoing Z-LASIK Surgery

With the precision of the Blade-free Z-LASIK experience with the FEMTO LDV laser vision correction is an even safer and more predictable procedure.

  • Custom-tailored precise corneal flap creation using a laser.
  • Less worry about surgical complications.
  • More comfortable procedure.
  • More likely to achieve 20/20 or better vision.
  • Shorter treatment times and larger treatment zone.
  • Entire vision correction treatment is done by laser, no blades are involved.